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Ryan Henry

HCP: 19 / Shoots: Left

Favorite non Detroit sports team: Inianapolis Colts

The captain of Team Europe. He's over a year in on Fatherhood so this means his dad strength has only grown with time. You didn't want to play against him at last year's Ryder Cup, but this year is a different story. Being a Captain of this prestigious tournament is something that can make even the best golfers a bit more nervous than usual. We will see if he can keep his winning ways going as he tries to lead Team Europe to their second title.

2022 RC Record: 4-0

David Pudrith

HCP: 19 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Comedy movie: Happy Gilmore

The captain of Team USA. Pudrith did well last year off the course as he kept the alcohol abuse to a minimum at the Wargo cottage. Many experts were concerned it could be an issue, but clearly it had no bearing on his performance as he was also undefeated in 2022. You have to wonder what his draft strategy will be and all we can do is speculate for now. Pudrith will hope to continue his success and he will need to continue pounding the driver in order to lead his team to victory.

2022 RC Record: 4-0

Tyler Barnes

HCP: 24 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Resturant: Luigi's

Feel free to be reckless during this tournament because PA Barnes will be able to patch you up. Finally done with PA school, Barnes will be looking forward to a clean slate at this years Ryder Cup. He will have plenty more rounds of golf under his belt compared to last year and many experts are saying he could be an X factor depending on where he is drafted. He was selected 8th overall last year and could have a huge impact if taken around there.

2022 RC Record: 2-2


Taylor Bisnack

HCP: 13 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Sub shop: "I'm a big sub entrepeneur. I'll smash a whole JJ's platter, but for quality I go to Penn Station/Firehouse. Cheesesteak I go to Dibellas."

Taylor loves the game of golf. His only issue for the past two years is that pesky ankle injury, but he has shown no signs of recent injury concerns. Bisnack remains one of this tournaments best golfers and there is no question he will be selected early. He didn't have the best showing in last years Ryder Cup, but he wasn't exactly easy to play against. He enjoys every second of golfing and he is someone who rarely gets too upset on the course.

2022 RC Record: 2-1-1

Brian Busch

HCP: 13 / Shoots: Right

Favorite NBA Team (Not Pistons): LA Lakers

The former captain of Team Europe now enters the field as a regular peasent. He played well enough last year to help give his team the victory and will surely be taken highly in the draft. Many fans last year noticed how blitzed Brian was in Round 3 last year and some are hoping he stays a little more level headed on game days. It's something the captains will have to consider on draft day. Brian is deadly with his irons and after getting a new golf simulator in his basement, it can either revolutionize his golf game or absolutely destroy it. Only time will tell.

2022 RC Record: 1-2-1

Mark Hanna

HCP: 29 / Shoots: Right

Favorite NFL Team (Not Lions): "I don't have one, Lions are my team!!!!"

Mark is a late addition to this years Ryder Cup, but a welcomed one. He is the only other Dad in the field so the dad strength factor has to be in Captain Ryan Henry's mind. It has yet to be seen how Mark will handle playing 36 holes of golf in one day, but many experts are saying he is up for the challenge as he has done it before. He has had a decent start to League so I'm sure he will be looking to take that play into this weekends tournament. It's expected Mark will go later in the draft.

2022 RC Record: N/A


Connor Harvey

HCP: 19 / Shoots: Right

Favorite TV Show: One Piece (according to Biz)

A new addition to this years Ryder Cup, but a familiar face at golf every Monday. The captains have an idea of what to expect from Connor and judging by his play in the back half of league he will be a solid addition and will likely go earlier rather than later in the draft. There's no doubt Connor's positive attitude will be a breath of fresh air for whoever his teammates are.

2022 RC Record: N/A

Matt Henry

HCP: 18 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty and Fifa

One of the most reliable players in last years Ryder Cup, Matt will be looking to continue his solid play this year. It remains to be seen if he will still include the Hitch in his swing, but if it works it works. We will have to wait to see if he will pick up his rivarly against Anthony Persichino or if they will become teammates this year. Matt went 6th overall last year and it's expected that he will be taken in a similar spot this year.

2022 RC Record: 1-2-1

Matt Klein

HCP: 18 / Shoots: Right

Favorite NHL Team (Not DRW): Vegas Golden Knights

With a bachelor party looming large following this tournament and a wedding soon after, Matt will have a lot on his mind coming into this year. Saying goodbye to the bachelor life is never easy, but he will have to put that aside and focus on playing good golf for his team. He has seen some ups and downs in regards to his game the last few years, but he remains one of the most technically sound golfers in the field. He is dangerous around the green and we expect him to go within the first few rounds of the draft.

2022 RC Record: 2-2

Ryan Lavoie

HCP: 39 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Cereal: "Wheaties but you can't tell by my physique. Actually Reese's Puffs though"

Another new addition to this years Ryder Cup, Ryan will be looking to show off his team first mentality during this weekend. He was the ace for many years during high school and college, but golf has proved to be a bit more difficult than striking out the side. He is largely unreliable off the tee box but has enough skill within 5 feet that he can be valuable to his team. We expect Ryan to go later in the draft, but could be a solid assest with his high HCP.

2022 RC Record: N/A


Mike Londeck

HCP: 27 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

We have another newcomer to the field here with Michael and his golf game is relatively unknown to a lot of the players in this tournament. He gets out on the links as much as he can and usually keeps a pretty upbeat attitude regardless of how he is playing. Equipped with a hand me down driver, Mike is steady off the tee box, but his irons and fairway woods are mostly inconsistent. He can easily shoot in the 90s when he's on. He could be the wildcard that goes undefeated this year. We expect Mike to go middle-late in the draft.

2022 RC Record: N/A


Nick Lopez

HCP: 44 / Shoots: Left

Favorite Food: Steak

Mr. Lopez once again comes into this tournament sporting the highest HCP, but what the scorecards won't show you is his effort level. Nick is a competitor that will fight till the bitter end even when things aren't going his way. Sometimes golf challenges your mental toughness and he has a ton of that. It's always a question mark where exactly someone like Nick will be taken, but we expect Nick to go later in the draft. He could end up being a late round gem if he can put together a good round or two.

2022 RC Record: 0-4


Rob Marshall

HCP: 26 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Movie: Dark Knight Rises

Rob comes into this years Ryder Cup a new man. He made the decision to see PGA Professional Robb Nunn, who has seemingly changed his game for the better. Rob, with one B, is used to hitting his irons long, but after this offseason his game is changed to add a little bit more control into his swing. We will see if he can continue his solid play to start this year and we expect he will go middle to later in the draft.

2022 RC Record: 2-2

Kirk May

HCP: 19 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Kenney Chesney Song: Don't Happen Twice

There are three constants in life: Death, Taxes, and Kirk slicing the ball 50 yards across the fairway. It remains to be seen if Kirk has fixed his slice in the offseason, but many experts predict that simply isn't possible. He had a tough go in league last year, but he still gives you pretty much what you can expect out of him which is steady golf and a wild time out on the course. Kirk is equipped with a whole new bag of clubs this year so that could change his game exponentially. We expect Kirk to go around the middle of the draft.

2022 RC Record: 1-3


Steve Minaudo

HCP: 11 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Animal (not pets):

The former original captain of Europe before having to reluctantlly step down, Steve is technically another fresh face to this event. He lives in the warmest climate of anyone in the field which could be a big advantage. He owns one of the better HCP's in this tournament and he will be a great addition to whatever team he is chosen to. He may not be playing as much as he'd like, but Steve will surely be selected within the first round or two and you know he will be fired up to be apart of this years event.

2022 RC Record: N/A


Mike Mosher

HCP: 17 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Sport to Watch: Soccer

Another newcomer to this prestigious tournament who loves to bomb the driver. He was one of the top golfers in league and he will look to continue his good play over this weekend. The question will be can he handle the pressures of playing in a tournament like this? How will he handle the bright lights and semi heavy drinking? These are questions that will only be answered after the Ryder Cup has concluded. We expect this Mike to go earlier in the draft.

2022 RC Record: N/A

Anthony Persichino

HCP: 17 / Shoots: Left

Favorite Non Alcoholic Drink: Faygo Cream Soda

Former captain of Team USA. Disgraced, embarrassed, hungry. Three things that Anthony was after the conclusion of last years Ryder Cup. Perhaps it was the team he chose or maybe it was is inability to rally the troops. He now has to focus on being one thing this year and that is being a regular old peasent. We will see if he can recapture that magic on the greens he had last year or if his putting will be how it usually is....bad. We can't fail to mention he is one part of the reigning champions of League. We expect him to go earlier than later in the draft.

2022 RC Record: 3-0-1


Brent Todd

HCP: 27 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Light Beer: Labatt Blue Light

Coming off a recent change in his life, Brent has decided to drop his old partner in favor of a shiny new toy. Could this be seen as issue for the Captains? Maybe. But what Brent can forsure bring to his team is a playlist the size of Texas, clutch putting, and tons of Advil. He experienced a bit of a down year last season so the only way for him to go is up. As long as his allergies don't kill him, Brent will be a solid mid draft addition to whatever team he is chosen to.

2022 RC Record: 1-2-1


Peter Wargo

HCP: 36 / Shoots: Right

Favorite Actress: Ana de Armas, Mila Kunis, Milana Vayntrub

The other part of the League's reinging Champions. Big Pete is a gamer that may not always be reliable on the course 100% of the time, but he will try his hardest and in big moments he shines. He holds the unofficial Ryder Cup longest putt record at 41 ft. He did well keeping his off-course actions to a responsible minimum, but you have to wonder if there will be any new movies on Netflix that may cause him to stay up late. Something the Captains will have to keep an eye on. Pete will likely go later in the draft.

2022 RC Record: 1-1-2

Bill Wojcik

HCP: 8 / Shoots: Right

Favorite PGA Golfer: Justin Thomas

Bill can't seem to get enough of the game of golf after joining the golf League as Taylor Bisnack's new partner. If his biggest issue is loving the game of golf then what a problem to have. It's still tough to think of any holes in Bill's game and there is no doubt he will be the Connor Bedard of this draft as the undisputed #1. His smooth as butter swing is always a treat to watch so at the very least he will bring that to the table.

2022 RC Record: 1-3